Pandemic response:
Lessons from Scandinavia during the first wave of Covid-19

Using new technologies to reduce workload for healthcare staff and mobilise volunteers at scale


✓ Learn how local government and health organisations in Norway and Sweden use Nyby to:

  • Reduce work for health & social care staff through better resource collaboration
  • Connect with local qualified healthcare personnel and turn them into a useful resource group
  • Mobilise residents and volunteers at scale
  • Facilitate better communication between patients and their families
  • Start quickly with resource collaboration

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People are possibilities

See TED Talk about how we, together with local authorities, municipalities, non-profit and private organisations have created a digital platform for the welfare society of tomorrow.


How Melhus organises important welfare tasks in new ways

Melhus saw a need to rethink  the organisation of public services. The solution was Nyby.


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