Is your organisation ready for resource collaboration?

Book a free mini-workshop to discover the value potential of resource collaboration in your organisation.

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We have assisted more than 50 local authorities, municipalities and organisations to get started with resource collaboration, and we see that the process and methodology for implementation is as important as the technology.

Before we can get started (and create magic!) with resource collaboration in your organisation, we recommend setting aside 45 minutes to map and plan a workshop. We will look more closely at what needs you have, as well as check off the criteria that should be in place for you to be able to benefit from resource collaboration now - or if it is better to wait for a while.

✓ Book a 45-minute mini-workshop to get:

  • A quick introduction to Nyby
  • Examples from other organisations, municipalities and local governments
  • Draft for a report with value potential, costs including recommended project management  and suggestions for next step
  • A contact person in Nyby who can answer to related questions

Who should attend the workshop?
Because Nyby, like other welfare technologies, is a tool that frees up health professionals time and also creates better services for the citizens, the workshop should primarily be done with employees from health and care services.

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